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Cam Collier

University of South Florida

"This program not only taught me the skills to get to college but also the process to be successful in college."

Jaider Morelos

Montreat College

"What a pleasure it was to work with Coach Leo.  So simple and so effective."

Will Bruno

UNC Penbrooke

"In Junior College, I was a good hitter but needed to get better to move on. Working with the Coach Leo's program allowed me to unleash the full potential in my swing, which enabled me to level up."

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The Skills

We help our guys develop their mechanics which they combine into a powerful swing action they can use to create strategic, purposeful and violent offense.  Our courses will teach you:

  • Sniper-like Barrel Accuracy 
  • Megaton Swing Strength
  • Timing Hacks
  • Crushing Curve and dominating high velocity
  • Apply offensive approach strategies that win the championships
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The Process

Developing hitting skills is useless unless you can apply, reinforce, and self-correct your swing.  To do that, we teach our guys how to develop their Individual Hitting Process (IHP) which helps them:

  • Prepare to face any pitcher throwing any pitch in any situation
  • Reinforce good swing habits to turn a good day at the plate into a streak
  • Self-diagnose and Self-correct so a bad day at the plate doesn't turn into a slump.

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